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Anonymous: This Machine Hacks Fascists

Anonymous does not only support Anti-fascism it is a core value of the legion which has often engaged in anti-fascist action.

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How to set up an anti-fascist group

Get active: If you want to do something about the presence of the far-right in your local area or do something in your area about fascism generally, the answer is to start getting active. Don’t worry if you don’t have loads of people, just a few activists can make good decisions, support each other and share any work.

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Bolivia Crisis 2019 Explained

“the country slowly burns from within; a fire built up under decades of right wing resentment, government disregard for the constitution, a binary left vs right civil society, and foreign manipulation in the international not so secret resource war between China, the five eyes, and the EU for Bolivia’s vast Lithium reserves.”