Investigation 2

A Dead Girl Buried in a Box in the Woods: a Rusty Wire and a Showdown before Midnight

One of the most perplexing episodes in this investigation centres around an unassuming length of wire. When the crime scene technicians arrived early in the morning after the discovery of Ursula’s bicycle, they spotted a wire hanging from a tree. A discussion followed as to whether this could be connected to the crime, and a fireman who took part in the search for Ursula said that this part of the forest was used by children as a playground. It was then decided not to secure the wire.

Investigation 0

A Dead Girl Buried in a Box in the Woods: More than One Abductor

The crime scene of the Ursula Herrmann abduction is unique in a number of ways, and strongly suggests that more than one person was involved. The path leading through the Weingarten forest along the Ammersee shore was frequently used by cyclists or pedestrians, as it was the fastest connection between the villages of Eching and Schondorf, and because of the beautiful lake scenery.