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Anonymous does not only support Anti-fascism it is a core value of the legion which has often engaged in anti-fascist action. Ranging from combating Nazis, through Operation Blitzkrieg, on the streets and cyberspace to taking on corporate and tyrannical government entities, through Operation Canary and many others.

Antifascists and Anonymous are like matches and gasoline. Despite the collective amnesia a by product of a suspected non mutual United States and Russia government active campaign to disrupt the hacker collective. of what Anonymous has done over the course of the decade to combat fascism and oppression worldwide. Anonymous to collaborate in the same operations as anti-fascists on the ground and our end goals are the same: to eradicate oppression and combat fascism wherever it may lurk. Simply put, Anonymous has traditionally always been a tool of anti-fascism action.

To successfully combat fascism first we must understand what it is we are up against.

Defining Fascism from sub.Media on Vimeo.

The basic definition of Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against all forms of democracy and autonomy from the State. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. Such a state is led by a strong leader — traditionally but not exclusively a dictator and a martial government. Fascism rose from the ashes of World War I and infected large swaths of the disenfranchised population seeking an alternative to bourgeois rule which at the time was a far worse choice.

Fascism attributed its rapid success by capturing the imagination of anti-Semitics, ultra nationalists,racists and reactionary religious fanatics. It often finds itself embraced by the disillusioned working class, commoners, veterans, and various other predominantly male outcasts displaced in society including many popular online communities such as gamers, incels, techbros, and other subgroups of misogynists and hate group denominations.

Unlike the wave of Fascism that rose after World War 1 its most recent incarnation has resurrected under the shadow of the War On Terror in the West and decades of US intelligence agencies backing fascism throughout the global South as a means to disrupt Democracy and therefore autonomy from US, Canadian, and European resource corporations. As a result Anti-fascism has risen exponentially across class stratas and an endless array of global communities from rural indigenous to metropolitan affluent movements.

Antifa, shorten for Anti-fascism is a stigmergic method of collaboration with one singular idea which is to oppose, combat, and destroy fascism. Anti-fascist communities are made up prominently of leftist and anarchist individuals who wish to protect human rights, autonomy, the right to exist, and freedom of choice in governance. In its modern form Anti fascism is a necessary tool of survival and self defense that keeps our global society from reaching the point of no return. If fascists are allowed to grow and consolidate power one of their most notorious goals is to exterminate all opposed to their ideology or incompatible with their bigotry.

Fascism is a gateway to genocide and mass repression. The right wing fascist movement sweeping the world is highly organized and their talking points are well rehearsed. They would like you to believe that ignoring their violence is ‘peaceful’. It is not, ignoring their violence is participating in it. Due to this threat of life Anti-fascists are left with little choice but to combat those practising this ideology violently at times to prevent them from safely and publicly gathering. Fascists are met with fists and sticks today so we may never have to meet them with firepower tomorrow. While violent action against fascists is necessary nonviolent action is the larger face of anti-fascism which combats fascism through education, dialogue with at risk individuals, and protest.

Antifa like Anonymous is an action. The action is to oppose fascism wherever it may lurk or attempt to rise from. If you take action against fascism you are Antifa. Anonymous for example follows no political ideology. However it continually engages in Anti fascist rhetoric and online and offline ground operations providing information, training, and support. Antifa just like Anonymous is a stigmergic method of mass collaboration that follows an idea and not an individual, group, political entity, organization, or constrained political ideology. They were and are the resistance in every country that fell to fascism and those currently falling for it all over again.

Antifa is a responsibility of all individuals that wish to live in a world without fascism. We are all one social organism and your neighbour’s rights are your duty to uphold. Keep your neighbours safe, shun fascists. Don’t ignore societal cancer. Remove it when it is visible and malignant. Try to keep your societies healthy & free. It is your duty to join and assist in any way.

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